You had been waiting for this exact moment You were apart for far too long The next thing you knew,

She was at the door You ran towards her And pushed her against the wall You forgot how cold the concrete wall was

So you touched her lips with your right hand As your left hand began to wander and found its way to her left leg You looked at her and lifted her up Her legs around your waist You started biting her neck You sucked And sucked And she moaned And moaned And moaned She called out She whispered into your ear She asked you to stop You realized Maybe it was too much You began to move slowly You bowed down And dropped to your knees You looked at her Stared into those beautiful brown orbs you have always loved Her eyes were pleading Begging Her morals Her faith Her belief Her everything You almost let her lose all of that Just because of your misery Being away from her was hard She knew that If it was hard for you It was more difficult for her You touched her face Tears streaming down like waterfalls You leaned in and planted a kiss on her sweaty forehead You locked her in your arms And squeezed her tightly No words were needed But she knew She knew how much that meant How much strength you had To be like that to her She felt it And so she pushed you against the wall She touched your lips with her right hand As her left hand began to wander She wrapped her arms around you She started biting your neck She sucked And sucked And you moaned And moaned And moaned You whispered her name You made her stop You looked at each other’s eyes Drowning yourselves You turned around because it was too much You were conflicted Frustrated You did not know what to do It was too good to be true You sat down at the end of your bed Your hands covered your face You felt the bed sunk a little You turned your head and looked at her She was smiling The smile you had been craving to see on her face A tear fell down And that was it. That was the sign.