How to be Realistically Productive

When you know what you want and you are 100% sure about it, it makes it easier for you to achieve it. It is mostly because you become more focused and efficient when you know how to reach your goals. And when this happens, you become more realistically productive.

I have developed my own list of how you could become more productive and I hope that this, in a way, could help salvage your lazy days.

1. Making a list and getting organized.

Listing down your goals or everything you want to achieve or make happen may take a lot of time. It happens especially when you always have a hard time deciding how you want to do things, or when you have so many ideas in mind. However, getting organized first will help a lot in the entire process of being productive.

First, list down all your goals, or the things you need to accomplish.

Second, categorize them or rank them according to their importance.

Decide which one should come first, and which one should come last.

You may decide whether or not you do the most urgent, the easiest, or the hardest thing to do first or last.

Lastly, think of how you are going to accomplish them and motivate yourself to start working on the first thing on your list as soon as possible.

2. Setting the time and creating your action plan.

Once you have organized everything you need to do, it is time for you to make a schedule and create your action plan. Action plans help a lot in reaching all your goals and accomplishing all your tasks.

To create your action plan, there are several things you need to consider. You may ask yourself questions such as:

How important is it for me to reach all of these goals?

Do I have to always accomplish each task as quickly as possible, or do I have enough time to make sure everything is properly done without being time-pressured?

How much time do I really have to finish everything?

It is very important to set time, so you know how to manage it well. Otherwise, you will not have enough time for each task or goal resulting in failure.

3. Being loyal to your action plan.

Sometimes we get too confident that we often overlook other important things that need to be done, and end up not accomplishing them.

To avoid that, you need to always remind yourself to stick to your action plan and make sure that everything is taken care of.

All these steps sound very tedious when you think about it, but it isn’t really that complicated. After all, it is you who will reap the rewards when you are able to successfully accomplish them.

Get rid of all the unnecessary reasoning about why you are unable to carry out certain tasks on your list and make sure you still accomplish them.

As what my old folks always say,

“If you want something, there are many ways for you to have it. If you don’t want it, you will have many reasons not to have it.”