HOTEL REVIEW: Rumah Putih (Nusa Lembongan)

Nusa Lembongan is a part of a three island group that is located on the east coast of Bali. There are various transportation options for you to get to this island. And for me, I opted to take a boat (via Rocky Fast Cruise) from Sanur and the boat ride took 30 minutes.

I booked my boat ride via Rocky Fast Cruise's website which turned out to be a good decision because I found out they provide free pick-up from my hotel to Sanur. My trip from my hotel in Kuta to Sanur and from Sanur to the island was smooth and hassle-free. One-way ticket for adult was IDR 300K and a return ticket cost me IDR 500K.

As we approached the island, I was awe-struck by the beauty of it whilst still on the waters. It was definitely one of the best islands I have ever been to. The aqua blue water was super clear, I could totally see the bottom of it.

I was greeted on the shore by Wayan himself. Wayan is the house manager of Rumah Putih. He helped me carry my luggage and led me to the beautiful villa. I fell in love with the villa even before I stepped inside it. The walkway to the villa was filled with huge bougainvillea trees and flowers and had the view of the ocean.

It was already lunch time when I arrived. Ketut, one of the staff, prepared a welcome drink and a plate of delicious fruits on the table. After that, Wayan, showed me each room that the villa has. There are four rooms, all in all -- two rooms on the ground floor and another two rooms on the second floor. Each of the rooms is very spacious and has its own en suite bathroom. My most favorite parts of all the rooms were the indoor and the outdoor bathtubs! I was lucky enough to try both! :D

The Indoor Bathtub

The Outdoor Bathtub

The place was overwhelming. It was huge and there were so many rooms. The living area was an open area and close to the infinity pool. There were enough reclining chairs where guests could sun bathe.

The infinity pool was my second favorite. I could just stay in it and stare at the Balinese ocean or the majestic Mt. Agung standing proudly from afar.

Besides the two huge bedrooms, the infinity pool, and the open living area, the ground floor also has a dining area and an island/bar where guests could make their own coffee. There is a kitchen that is connected to it. And my third favorite part -- the movie room. I didn't get a chance to use the movie room for actual movie watching, but it definitely looked so worth it.

To get to the second floor, there is a staircase next to the main entrance. I took the liberty of taking Instagrammable photos because of the beautiful bougainvilleas hanging from above the wall that connected to the staircase.

The bedrooms on the second floor were also pretty cool and cozy. They looked a bit different from the bedrooms on the second floor but still, they were top-rated!

On the second floor, there is a small pool and a sun deck where guests could have a full view of the island and wait for sunset or sunrise.

I spent the day taking photos of this beautiful villa, eating fruits, drinking coffee, putting on swimsuits and taking a dip in the water, and checked out the neighborhood. Just outside the villa, there was this beautiful covered pathway with bougainvilleas hanging from above it as well. This island and their bougainvilleas - ugh! I love them.

The Deck, a bar on the island also has it!

I gotta say Rumah Putih has exceeded my expectations in so many ways. Their rooms, their staff, their service, their location -- everything was just top-rated! If I could give more than 5 stars, I definitely, and without a doubt, would! The staff served a full-English breakfast and some fruits -- everything was just so delicious!


Pros: Perfect location (close to restaurants and the beach), friendly and helpful staff, clean, organized, and cozy rooms, fully furnished!

Con: A bit expensive but you definitely get your money's worth

I would definitely go back and stay in this luxurious place again! Hopefully when I get back, I bring someone special to enjoy the views and the activities with! :D

Book Rumah Putih via their website and get discounts!