Five Ways You Can Build A Strong Presence Online

Social media is indeed a very powerful tool to grow your business and be successful. But just because you are engaged in it does not mean you will easily get on top.

You will still need to put in a lot of time and effort to actually make it work. You need to be really active and make sure that your online presence appears strong for you to be able to reach more people.

Now, if you are someone who doesn't have much free time to do this, you can always get someone to do it for you. However, if you are also that kind of person who wants to keep track of your social media activities to make sure you are doing things right, then I think the following guide will be helpful.

01 Find out the buzz

If you're on Twitter, it's easy to know what's currently trending. You can see what people have been tweeting about on your feed, and Twitter provides a place where you can quickly spot what's trending worldwide or based on a specific location.

Knowing what people are currently into will help you formulate your next posts. When you have created your posts, you can decide which hashtags you should include in your posts based on what is trending as it helps in driving traffic to your profile.

02 Schedule your posts and optimize your posting time

Posting as often as you can on social media helps you reach many people and increase your impressions. The more posts you make, the more you put yourself out there for people to discover and get to know.

There are several apps and online programs that can help you schedule your posts. Buffer is one example. It provides social media marketers a better and easier way to share and promote on social platforms. With this tool, you can easily schedule your tweets (on Twitter), posts on your Facebook profile or your page, on your LinkedIn account and on your Google+ profiles and pages.

Furthermore, you need to learn how to optimize your posting time. When are your followers most active? When are users said to be online the most? You need to know when so you know when is the perfect time for you to post.

03 Take advantage of your analytics.

You have to carefully analyze your social media statistics for the following reasons:

1. To know what people like

2. To find out when people are usually online or active

Studying your analytics will also help you know whether or not your social media strategies are actually effective. You will know if it's working when...

...there is a constant increase in your impressions

...the number of reaches you get for every post is relatively high gain more followers over a period of time

You are lucky when you have analytics for all your social media platforms. There are several sites that you can pay for to analyze all your accounts. However, some platforms already have a built-in analytics that let you see your activity status. Instagram for Business, Facebook Pages, and Twitter provide insights features where you can study your statistics yourself.

04 Check and respond to user comments

Your social engagement is one sign of a strong online presence. The more you engage with your audience, the more you appear as an active influencer. Every day, you have to check your social accounts for comments and make sure you respond to them.

When you respond to comments, you open up another opportunity for your audience to interact with you and increase your social media engagement. You have to keep in mind that the more often you appear online, the stronger your presence will be.

05 Form a loyal community or a group that trusts and supports you.

One thing I have learned from years of following influencers and analyzing their routines and strategies is that having a loyal community plays a big part of your online presence. When you have a community that trusts and supports you, you can always be sure that you are valued.

Once you have mastered the art of building a strong social media presence, marketing your brand will eventually get easier and better, and in the end, you will be able to grow your business successfully.