Other Activities You Can Try in Niseko During Winter

Besides learning how to ski or snowboard and going on a food trip, there are more exciting things people can do in Niseko. During my first week, I was lucky enough to be invited to Powder Yoga. It is the only yoga studio in Niseko and Kanami Anderson was so kind to let me join one of her classes.
I have never joined a yoga class before. However, I was always eager to learn and find out how good it would make me feel. The yoga type being learned in Kanami's class was power yoga. I observed during her class and everyone who was there looked like they were already knew what they were doing. They were very good and I must say the class was really relaxing!
Besides doing yoga, another activity that can be done during the winter in Niseko is going to an onsen. An onsen is a hot spring bath and is very popular in Japan. There are many onsens in Niseko, both indoor and outdoor. In SHIKI, you can ask their staff to arrange it for you or you can do it yourself if you are staying in one of their penthouses.
On my last day in Niseko, I was lucky to meet a new friend. He had his own car so he invited me to go a road trip with him. He was very nice and he seemed like he knew every place in Niseko. I learned from him that if you planned to stay in Niseko for a month or a couple of months, it would be easier for you to rent a car than commuting all the time.
The first spot he took me to was a few kilometers away from Grand Hirafu. I didn't know which place exactly it was but when I got off the car, I had an amazing view of the mountains.
After that, we drove away and went to another spot where the popular pink bridge is. I had seen this pink bridge in other Instagram pages before and I was so happy I was also able to visit it and take photos of it. The river under it was the Shiribetsu river but since it was winter, it was all frozen.
Our third spot was a seemingly abandoned church in Kutchan. It was half covered in snow and so Instagram-worthy! Hence I didn't waste a chance to take photos of it and with it!
My trip to Niseko was definitely something I would never, ever forget for as long as I am breathing! Even until now that I was no longer there, I could still reminisce every thing that I did, fresh in my mind. Next winter is still far from now but I am already planning my return! I am even convincing my friends to go with me next time. I would love to share my experiences with them and let them experience it first-hand as well!