10 Dining Spots You Should Try in Niseko

When I was in Niseko last winter, I was lucky enough to meet new friends while staying at Shiki Niseko, so most of the time when I went out for food, I had someone or some people to accompany me.

Dining in Niseko is so easy since there are so many options you can choose from. However, most restaurants, especially during dinner are always packed so you need to make sure you make a reservation first if you have a plan to dine out. If you're an impatient person like me and do not want to wait in line, this is always the best thing to do.

Nevertheless, if you are the type of person who likes spontaneity and is okay with queueing for a table, there are also other restaurants around Shiki Niseko that you can easily find if you just walk around the area.

To make it so much easier for you to decide where to eat when you are in Niseko, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you my top 10 Niseko Dining Spots, which I had the chance to try during my trip.

These dining spots include the food trucks near Shiki, JAM Cafe, Enishi (Just above Niseko Pizza), Seychou, Moon Bar, Yukitei, Abucha 2, the Japanese restaurant in Niseko Alpen, The Barn by Odin, as well as the Michelin-starred restaurant Kamimura.

1. Food Trucks

The first items on my list aren't really restaurants, but more of outdoor dining spots -- which are the food trucks located just less than 500 feet away from Shiki. These food trucks sell various kinds of food -- from Indian food to pizza, sandwich and deli, and grilled oysters.

You may opt to take your food away with you or eat there since they also have some chairs and tables just across each food truck. I wouldn't recommend it though since it gets really, really cold and freezing! During those cold, lazy nights, I would often get some slightly spicy chicken tikka and rice from the food truck called Taj Mahal and it was really good.

2. JAM Cafe

My next recommendation is a cafe/restaurant called JAM cafe. JAM is located a bit far behind Shiki. It is quite isolated from other restaurants, but still, I am surprised to find a lot of people coming to eat. I especially love how cozy and artsy it is at the same time and that they have free wifi, which not all restaurants in Niseko really offer.

JAM cafe is one of the restaurants that were selected for the Oishii Hokkaido Seafood Fair in Niseko back in February. In the said fair, the Hokkaido Federation of Fisheries provided select restaurants in Niseko with some of Hokkaido's most famous seafood ingredients.


Enishi would be a good spot to go to if you didn't make a reservation. The place was spacious and every table set was separated by wall dividers. When we went there, we ordered their local grilled fish which was really tasty, a bowl of edamame (soyed beans), cucumber rolls and some gyoza. The food, all in all, was worth the price. It wasn't too expensive, but also not too cheap.


The next restaurant on my list was Abucha 2. I think this place also served very delicious local Japanese food, although the downside to it was, if you didn't make a reservation, you would have to wait in line for quite a while to get a table. Most tables were also shared with other guests. I ordered beef sashimi, miso soup, fried chicken on rice, yakitori (skewered chicken/pork) and gyoza (fried dumplings). All of these food were amazing! I wanted to keep coming back but I also had to try other restaurants!


After Abucha 2, we also tried Seychou. Just like Enishi, Seychou was a good place to go to since they allowed walk-ins during dinner. Most restaurants in Grand Hirafu would opt for dinner reservations and would not allow walk-ins. We had been to some local restaurants that did that and so we didn't get a chance to try them. When we were in Seychou, we ordered some tempura, rice, and fried chicken. It was already almost nine so even when we wanted to order some sushi and sashimi, the staff didn't let us and just told us they couldn't make it.


Moving on from Seychou, let me also mention my favorite restaurant in Niseko so far! I am such a big fan of udon. I can eat udon almost every day if I could. And I was so thankful that a new friend of mine took me to Yukitei for lunch one day.

Yukitei served the best udon! Their udon noodles were made especially from potatoes and not from wheat. My friend told me it was because the town was popular for potatoes, which is their number one product.


We went to Yukitei again for dinner for the second time, but unfortunately, they only served udon sets during lunch. Their dinner sets included shabu-shabu and eleven-course meals. Since we didn't feel like eating that much, my friend and I decided to go to Moon Bar for ramen instead.

My friend ordered sesame miso-based ramen while I chose to get the regular miso-based ramen. Both dish were so good with bamboo shoots and meat toppings. I highly recommend this place if you're craving for ramen while you're in Niseko. You don't have to make a reservation and you can just walk in and not have trouble finding a spot.


Another restaurant you definitely have to try is the local Japanese restaurant located at Niseko Alpen in Grand Hirafu. It's very traditional so unlike modern Japanese restaurants, you will have to remove your shoes. The food they serve was outstanding!

We ordered two platters of sushi and sashimi, two plates of tempura, seafood soup, fried chicken, potato wedges, and warm sake. There's really nothing more fun than feasting with a bunch of good friends!

If you're tired of Japanese food (which rarely happens to anyone because Japanese food is the best!), you can also opt for Italian/French dishes at The Barn by Odin.


I was so fascinated with both of The Barn's exterior and interior design. It was inspired by traditional Hokkaido farm architecture and to find something like this in the middle of this snowy town was really something magical for me.

I was able to talk to one of the people who worked there and I learned that it was built in 2009 (nine years ago), which was the same time as when Kimamaya Hotel was built. The restaurant serves a pre-fix course that starts from 4,500 Yen and ala carte.

Their signature dishes that we recommend everyone should try are their sushi foie gras, mussles, wagyu tenderloin and Hokkaido seafood platter. They always try to make a huge effort to serve these food according to how their customers want them, whether hot or cold.

Not only does the food make The Barn a great place to dine at, but also its good service. From their receptionists to their waitstaff and chefs, you can already feel their warm hospitality and friendliness.

The Barn's restaurant area is found downstairs while they have a bar upstairs. They have a wide selection of cocktails as well as coffee, but their most popular drink is Niseko Tiki or Fire Cocktail.

The Barn is only open during the winter season. However, they told me they are also thinking about having their restaurant open during the other seasons.


The last but not the least (in my list) is Kamimura, the iconic Michelin-starred French restaurant by chef Kamimura, located on the first floor of SHIKI.

Their winter menu's early bird dinner costs 8,000 yen per person and this includes a 6-course menu, including entrees, seafood, meat, dessert and tea/coffee, introducing our classic/popular dishes. Their chef degustation menu costs 15,000 yen per person and this includes the chef's 'Omakase' tasting menu.

This restaurant gives you that intimate yet elegant vibe alongside its stylish interiors that makes every guest feel truly special. It is really nice that it is only near the foyer of SHIKI, across Gorilla Niseko. It makes it easier for you to just come down from your apartment when you feel like having a nice dinner. It is only open during the winter and summer season and are closed from April 9 to June 30, as well as from October 15 to November 30.

There are still lots of other restaurants in Niseko that I haven't mentioned, but so far, these are the 10 spots that I would recommend 100% based on my own experience! Do you know other restaurants that should be in this list? Let us know!