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This is a digital space where I share all my travel stories as well as my experiences visiting and trying out various small luxury and independent hotels in Asia.

Follow my journey and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any stories to share or any information you want to know from me.

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Everything you should know about me

I'm a Language and Literature graduate turn Digital Media Expert

Hello, there!


Welcome to The Diana Marcos’ Travel and Lifestyle Website!


My name is Diana. I am from the Philippines. I can speak both Ilocano and Tagalog — two of the 189 existing Philippine languages. Currently, I am based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

MID-2017 - In Mode Home, Amazon Reviews, Martin Bauer,  Masito


In mid-2017, I accepted various projects from different clients doing social media management and digital strategy as well as content and copywriting. I worked with a furniture shop in LA called In Mode Home and Furniture and wrote reviews for Amazon. I also designed ad campaigns for Martin Bauer group and company profiles for Masito, a Dubai-based company.


LATE 2017




Shortly after my last one-time project with Masito, I was hired by Aviationfly, a website that provides a database for flight schools. I worked with them as a social media manager and a content writer. I also moderated and handled their customer service.




The latter part of 2017 was definitely the best time for my career. It is during this time that I came across the company I’m working with now - TravellerPX.


TravellerPX is a digital marketing company based in Australia that focused on helping businesses in the hospitality and tourism industry. Our clients are mainly from Asia-Pacific. I have been working with this company for almost a year now as a digital media strategist and a business development manager.


I owe so much to this company. Every day, when I wake up, I always feel blessed and grateful to be a part of it. Because of this company, I have had amazing experiences that include traveling to different places I have never been to before and learning new cultures I haven’t been exposed to.




With this company, I am happily working with now, we are hoping to expand more and get more clients in South East Asia. And hopefully one day, once TravellerPX succeeds, I will also be able to build my own company.


Life is full of surprises! And all we have to do is grab every opportunity that comes our way and never forget to be grateful for it.


- Diana

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